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Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E
REF018 C XRF914 D
REF199 A XRF988 D
XRF214 C

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
EA7IYR listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time GMT
ED2YAV ED2YAV XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-19:02:04
LW6EMN LW6EMN XRF007 C REF199 240621-19:00:16
LW2DNF LW2DNF XRF007 C REF199 240621-18:59:21
EA7JOE EA7JOE XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-18:47:35
EA7JBK EA7JBK XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-18:38:57
LU8LCT LU8LCT XRF007 C REF199 240621-18:29:51
EA2EYO EA2EYO XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-18:20:37
EA7IPF EA7IPF XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-18:10:40
EA2FT EA2FT XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-17:43:01
LU7EEA LU7EEA XRF007 C REF199 240621-17:21:23
LW3EAJ LW3EAJ XRF007 C REF199 240621-17:20:55
LW2DQL LW2DQL XRF007 C REF199 240621-16:59:48
EA5RCA EA5RCA XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-16:30:01
EA1FG EA1FG XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-16:03:44
LU7LBE LU7LBE XRF007 C REF199 240621-15:58:05
LU1AHX LU1AHX XRF007 C REF199 240621-15:38:52
YS1DG YS1DG XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-15:37:22
EA2CIY EA2CIY XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-14:46:27
EA7KBI EA7KBI XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-14:35:32
EA3BR EA3BR XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-13:54:11
EA5JOE EA5JOE XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-12:35:51
EA7GSP EA7GSP XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-12:24:49
LW5DMM LW5DMM XRF007 C REF199 240621-10:28:30
DG1XT DG1XT XRF007 C REF018 240621-08:50:32
EA4GIG EA4GIG XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-07:07:16
EA4EJV EA4EJV XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-07:07:04
EA2AWD EA2AWD XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-07:01:21
EA2CSG EA2CSG XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-06:57:07
EA4HHT EA4HHT XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-06:35:03
EB1AD EB1AD XRF007 C REF199 240621-05:50:34
KN6ZFM KN6ZFM XRF007 C REF199 240621-05:02:28
LU3DCL LU3DCL XRF007 C REF199 240621-04:53:57
PU1RUD PU1RUD XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-03:58:35
KD0BEV KD0BEV XRF007 C REF199 240621-03:19:16
PU2TFM PU2TFM XRF007 D XRF988 D 240621-02:35:24
LU9HPO LU9HPO XRF007 C REF199 240621-01:52:02
LU9DBP LU9DBP XRF007 C REF199 240621-01:42:19
LU1IYL LU1IYL XRF007 C REF199 240621-01:16:00
LU4CIC LU4CIC XRF007 C REF199 240621-01:15:45

Status as of Fri Jun 21 19:04:04 2024 GMT
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 28 days, 9 hours and 25 minutes